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Front device

a totem made for fashion advertising

The moodboard is a digital signage totem exclusively created for fashion industry demands.

Several scans detect the user in front of the device automatically in seconds, therefore projecting a streamed mirror image of the adaptable clothing.

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  1. know your client
  2. face detection
  3. body measurement

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Face detection
is a computing technology term, that is used when software is used to determine the existence, location and size of a human face in a particular photo or video stream. The software is clever enough to detect the facial features, while at the same time ignoring other objects like trees, buildings and bodies.
A person’s face is actually a rich source of information. It is possible to tell, simply from a human face, whether a person is male or female, approximately how old they are, and from their expression, how they are feeling.
  • We are able to detect
    • gender
    • age in 4 categories (child, young adult, adult and senior)
    • mood (neutral, smile, sad, cry)

Body measurement
our devices measures out the body dimensions of the user automatically in seconds. Our confection (clothing size) tracking is independent of the clothes the user wears. Even big jackets don`t impair the measurements. That allows us to categorize the person in a specific clothing size. In testings, our technology tracked the right clothing size with an accurazy of 90%.
We are able to detect
  • body hight
  • shoulder width
  • width of hip
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Key-Note Event Kassel

our Key-Note Event at Köhler Männermode in Kassel together with the Fashion Label DRYKORN

Next Conference Hamburg

TRENDONE invited us to take part of Sample Day / NEXT Conference in Hamburg

Osborne Clarke Hamburg/Munich/Cologne

Carsten tolled in 3 Seminars for the law-firm Osborne Clarke about his vision of the future of fashion

EIT Digital Idea Challenge Helsinki

we got choosen from startup-applications out of whole europe to visit the finals in Helsinki

Startup Night Berlin

the startupnight provided by the Deutsche Telekom was a great success

Producthunt Frankfurt

we have been to producthunt Frankfurt with an successful pitch on stage and our prototype at the booth

Hands on Tour Berlin

Rodrigo Barros enabled us to partake of Le Web Startup Tour in Berlin

Fashion Sparkle Düsseldorf

we joint the first Fashion Sparkle in Düsseldorf, a startup event focused on the disruption in fashion-trading

We got featured by this great medias

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