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Started with an idea in 2014, equipped with an investment in 2015 and honored with an enormous amount of positive feedback in 2016, the road to the Moodboard was an exciting journey, and it still is! View the pictures and take part of that vantastec experience with us.

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Carsten Detzer moved to Skopje Macedonia for the product development. He has found the perfect conditions in the capital city of the small Balkans state.

Since two years the team works to improve our product. Multiple variables get proofed and questioned instantly to realize our vision.


It is very presumably that virtual dressing will become real in apparel trading. The disruptions through new medias are massive, all channels are changing in a fast pace and will get permanently attacked on these points values could get added.
We strengthen the brick and mortar trading with our strategy. We are helping to change the POS to a world of experience with our market solution. Market players can participate without the need to build up technically know how. It is our plan to grow fast and steady our infrastructure and we are looking for partners to company us on this path. Get in contact with Carsten Detzer (CEO & Founder) and work along our side at the future of apparel trading. In case of an financial investment or a strategic partnership, we are open for proposals.

40% of apparel managers believer virtual dressing mirrors will be in stores soon

“Fashion 2025, future of the fashion market in Germany”

40% lift in revenue at the sales field through webrooming

“The new digital devide”

Underlines our business model and points at the same direction. Concepts like our augmented reality mirror are named multiple times as contemporary approach to attract customers.

Store 4.0, the future of brick and mortar trading

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