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Our Product

We are a technology company with a content driven product, but a high-tech approach. With the start of the development of our software DEPECHE in the year 2015 we setup the first milestone for the next generation of advertising, wow-ad. To keep and expand our position as market leader in the field of DOOH virtual dressing, we keep reinventing and challenging our technical approach permanently in our R&D-Department in Skopje Macedonia.
All information of our Moodboards merch together in the monitoring center. The entire infrastructure gets managed, setup and controlled centrally. Interaction rates and demographic aspects like gender and age-groups getting detected and saved here. Except these, no other data gets detected by our users.


User Interface


Our product works ad-hoc at everybody who steps in front of the device. This approach is unique in the world and we are calling it a top-down-principle. Other virtual dressing devices are awaiting an opt-in of the user and follow in that terminology a bottom-up-principle.
We are tracking with a face detection software automatically the gender and the age group of a visitor with with an infrared technology the clothing size and the position to the device. Throughout this evaluation, we are able to categorize a user in a specific targeting field. In the live stream we superimpose the body with graphics of a clothing model that wears different cloth.


Through the Wissensfabrik Deutschland (weconomy) our founder Carsten Detzer received a mentor partnership with Mr. Ludwig Vordemfelde. We celebrated our prototype release party in the multi label store of Mr. Vordemfelde, Köhler Männermode and Stella Fashion, in Kassel Germany. As Fashion-Partner the contemporary label Drykorn worked together with vantastec for that event.
At the opening of the session a keynote took place and at the following six days our prototype was running in the entrance area of the store. Next to several editorial reports, amongst of others from the Textilwirtschaft, RTL and the newspaper HNA, we surveyed consumer behavior, feedback and user-interactions.


The first thing we have approved, as soon the idea of vantastec`s Moodboard came up, was the law situation. Because of that we have asked the law firm Hieber for a report.

Because we don`t save any personal data, the use at private as well as at public places is absolutely applicable.

The only recorded data are demographic origins like gender and age-groups and those are not connected to recognitional individuals.
You can view the entire report of the law firm Hieber with the following link.